The Home Business Blog Destined to Go Viral With an Einstein-Like Formula

What if one formula based on one program can change the face of network marketing forever:

1. more network marketers will be successful based on the founding grassroots principle.
2. more public will better informed about sound business principles and improve their perception.

The time has come to bring this network marketing home business together as one whole.

No army can withstand the strength of an idea whose time has come. – Victor Hugo

One system can formulate the democratic right of every person for home business success based on the proven BIG business concept of EQUAL DUPLICATION.

It can be called destiny, a universal affirmation, when huge changes energize a huge field of possibilities of abundance not scarcity. The gateway is education and empowerment.

BE VISIONARY… in adapting to inevitable changes in a changing economy where our world of tomorrow will be very different from our past and present world.

BE PRACTICAL… in a fair democratic way because we are all in this world together with varying conditions with varying reasons, but the opportunity must be equal with no physical obstacles and no excuses.

USE VIRAL MARKETING…to help open a safe, like-minded community of home business owners based on a professional presentation and a simple to follow plan for success

The difference then will be what you decide outside the gate:

1. Go back
2. Stay where you are and hope that things will get better.
3. Walk through and get informed.

Over the last few months numerous blogs have been written about the network marketing home business model… what makes it work, or not. They weren’t about any company, product or compensation plan, or leadership teams. They were based on the founding principle that average people with above average dreams can start a low-cost home business with high earning potential and make a difference.

You can read the entire log of blogs or here is a short overview of several themes explored:

…why you need a simple people-friendly plan
…why attraction marketing strategies can’t duplicate democratically with masses
…why two goals are all you really need to determine ambition, success, residual income, sales, communication skills, leadership quotient
…why education and self-empowerment must precede financial outcomes
…why excuses must not have mastery and how to eradicate them
…why a “golden ticket” is our right to sing and celebrate the best we can be

We even took some side trips to a gift of wisdom from the 1900′s, an old classic tale of perseverance, how to ditch the Doll (Barbie) for the Standards, a lesson in the 3-step shuffle and 10-step Cha-Cha-Cha, motorcycle maintenance, gold-panning, garlic toast and goulash, Will Rogers and more

These blogs were written in the context of today’s network marketing home-based industry…

..something’s not working where only a small minority of network marketers are as successful as they wish to be
..something’s not right where public perceptions are biased, often based on these failures while still maintaining curiosity about how so many millionaires continue to be created.

What is out of balance needs to be brought back into BALANCE based on three simple proven business concepts. Like Albert Einstein said, Insanity can be defined as doing something the same way over and over …and expecting different results… and You can’t fix problems with the same strategies that caused then in the first place”

Unlike Einstein… this isn’t rocket science.

We need something different… a revolutionary marketing plan with only 3 steps… more than 3 steps will not duplicate massively.

Introducing a new contender, the Einstein-like formula to shine brilliantly for everyone

P=LM + DP x D

Profits = Leveraged Message + Democratic Plan x Duplication

What does this mean?

We are talking about a grassroots principle: simplicity = velocity = results (profits)

We are talking about the relativity of three essential proven business concepts based on residual income, leverage, and duplication.

These are the terms destined to become common household words…

Profits are based on residual income paid multiple times through multiple levels. The key here is that volume of profits is based on duplication of a simple marketing plan..

Leverage is using the MESSAGE as an information tool to tell the story for you without being there. The key here is to include a short, comprehensive curriculum guide that explains how network marketing works…eliminate objections, build self-belief

Duplication of a simple marketing plan is the process by which fortunes are made in this home business. The key is a DEMOCRATIC simple marketing plan that everybody who wants extra money can say “I CAN DO THIS.”

You may be thinking “What’s new? I’ve heard all this before.”

What’s new and exciting is a Mini-Program for Maxi-Profits, a generic curriculum guide which is a vital component as a leveraged message because ONE TOOL

explains how network marketing works..main facts
includes personal development, the first step in new mindset
provides an inbuilt training resource, for your time flexibility
keeps an unbelievable low cost
shares important information in a most time effective way (one hour)
Gone are the 100′s of hours and 1000′s of dollars for training materials, consultants, technology.
How simple and democratic is that!

Need a new vision and a practical way to achieve changes
Need practical education to format a fair and democratic home business program
Need to stand tall. Be proud. Understand that biography is not destiny.

It is not our conditions but our decisions that shape our lives most powerfully – A. Robbins

Comments and questions are always appreciated. If you don’t ask, I won’t know what you’re thinking and what you may be missing out.

If you are a veteran network marketer, check out the home business website.

If you have never heard of network marketing as a home business, you can watch 3 videos on Home Business 101.

AnneMarie Berukoff is an entrepreneur and teacher who enjoys early retirement following a 24 year career. She is a professional network marketer for the past 5 years who has worked with some of the top income earners building and training her own successful downlines. Her team’s experience showed the need for a simple but comprehensive overview of the industry and what makes it work best.

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